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Master rosette white for cylinder / 2 pieces

10,00  (incl. TAX)

Stopper JNF IN.13.121.30 stainless steel

7,43  (incl. TAX)

Stopper fi20 JD301 Raw Grey stainless steel

8,41  (incl. TAX)

The ø16 door peephole chrome or brass

10,90 11,15  (incl. TAX)

SCH door peephole ø12 chrome or brass

5,70 6,80  (incl. TAX)

Door peephole extension 10 mm ø14

1,10  (incl. TAX)

Becusa handrail stainless steel square 200 mm

16,63  (incl. TAX)

Handle for security doors chinese-made left-right

25,00  (incl. TAX)

Nuki Door Sensor for Nuki Smart Locks

54,50  (incl. TAX)

Anuba AGB fi 14 adjustable Light zinc-plated, 4 arms

3,12  (incl. TAX)

Anuba AGB fi 16 adjustable Light zinc-plated, 4 arms

3,45  (incl. TAX)

Anuba Ø14 adjustable hinge White zinc-plated, 4 arms

3,20  (incl. TAX)

Anuba fi16 adjustable white-plated, 4 arms

5,70  (incl. TAX)

AGB cover cap for concealed connector Eclipse 3.0

2,40  (incl. TAX)

Lock for security doors made in China left-right

25,00  (incl. TAX)