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Accessories for keys (23)

Padlocks (46)

Locking systems (1)

Parking keepers (2)

Nautical program (30)

Latches (19)

Fittings for cabins (10)

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Hidden electromagnetic lock pendant, card, or wristband

25,00  (incl. TAX)

Latch with occupancy indicatorstainless steel for toilet cubins and changing rooms.

12,00  (incl. TAX)

ID button for cabins made of stainless steel / for toilet cabins or changing rooms

9,75  (incl. TAX)

Adjustable floor-mounted stainless steel panel support for toilet cubicles or changing rooms

12,45  (incl. TAX)

Spring hinge ID SM.005 C stainless steel

9,25  (incl. TAX)

Hinge without spring ID SM.005 B stainless steel

6,65  (incl. TAX)

Padlock IBFM Nautica on the same key 30 mm

6,64  (incl. TAX)

Padlock IBFM Nautica on the same key 40 mm

7,30  (incl. TAX)

Padlock IBFM Nautica on the same key 50 mm

16,59  (incl. TAX)

Padlock Iseo F9***** security

55,07  (incl. TAX)

Cisa Pancer security padlock 75 mm carbonized steel

80,25  (incl. TAX)

Padlock Protect lamellar 56.8 mm

6,35  (incl. TAX)

Padlock Protect 20 mm

2,15  (incl. TAX)

Padlock protect 25 mm

3,00  (incl. TAX)

Padlock protect 30 mm

3,85  (incl. TAX)

Padlock Protect 30mm long arc

4,05  (incl. TAX)

Padlock protect 40 mm

5,00  (incl. TAX)

Padlock Protect 40mm long arc

5,30  (incl. TAX)

Padlock protect 50 mm

9,75  (incl. TAX)

Padlock Protect 50mm long arc

10,40  (incl. TAX)

Padlock protect 60 mm

14,20  (incl. TAX)