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Smart locks and electronic door cylinders (31)

Electronic locks and electrical strikes (13)

Smart spyholes (2)

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Hidden electromagnetic lock pendant, card, or wristband

25,00  (incl. TAX)

Nuki Door Sensor for Nuki Smart Locks

66,00  (incl. TAX)

The additional ISEO electric lock with cylinder, 12V AC, 15W

83,20  (incl. TAX)

NUKI keyboard 2.0 with fingerprint for Smart lock electronic locks

176,80  (incl. TAX)

Electronic door spyhole TUYA 550 Gold Rose

87,60  (incl. TAX)

Encoder for unlocking Bluetooth 4in1 4 unlocking ways

134,40  (incl. TAX)

Fingerprint unlock reader with keyboard and fingerprint scanner

119,05  (incl. TAX)

NUKI bridge white for Smart lock electronic lock

110,20  (incl. TAX)

NUKI opener white for electronic lock / intercom

143,45  (incl. TAX)

NUKI remote / pendant for Smart lock electronic lock

66,00  (incl. TAX)

NUKI keyboard for Smart lock electronic lock

98,90  (incl. TAX)

NUKI Power Pack additional rechargeable battery for el. lock

54,50  (incl. TAX)

Nuki adapter for security doors with a knob

2,65  (incl. TAX)

Bluetooth 3 in 1 Unlock Codec cipher, pendant and card

114,50  (incl. TAX)

Door keypad IP68 125 Khz Entry: code, key fob, or card.

70,55  (incl. TAX)

Bridge G2 Wi-Fi white for encoders and Smart lock

54,75  (incl. TAX)

Electronic plate JNF IN.27.100B

331,20  (incl. TAX)

White ID card 125KHZ

1,99  (incl. TAX)

The chip wristband 125 KHZ

3,50  (incl. TAX)