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Locking systems and “master key”: complex solutions for a simpler life!

sistemi zaključavanja privatna kuća

Do you often find your bag heavy because of carrying too many keys? Some are for the front door, some for the garage, the gate – and in that bundle, you need to find the right one. And when you’re rushing to a meeting or tired from work, and you can’t find the key to the building entrance! Luckily, there are locking systems that offer a solution to these problems and make everyday life easier. With such a system, one key can open different doors, adapting to the needs of all users of a private or business property. Because, who has time to search for keys when they can have just one that opens everything?

Many unpleasant situations can be avoided with locking systems – an excellent solution for residential or commercial spaces, apartments, hotels, public facilities… They are tailored to the customer’s needs and are divided into several types:

  • Master key system – One key opens multiple doors/locks in various rooms. Same key system
  • Central cylinder system – Different keys of the system open “their” cylinder, while all keys open the common central cylinder.
  • Master key system – the master key opens all doors, while other keys open individual rooms.
  • Combination (graduated) system – a more complex system that involves various combinations of central keys and cylinders.central cylinder systemcombined system
Some examples of usage:
  • Private houses: one key unlocks multiple doors (on the house, garage, storage, etc.). This way, entry is facilitated and expedited, the number of required keys is reduced, and it can be applied to various types of cylinders, locks, latches, etc.
  • Residential buildings: the key to the entrance door of an individual apartment can also unlock the main entrance to the building and common areas, but it does not unlock other apartments.
  • Hotels, apartments: each guest has a key that unlocks only their room/apartment, while the owner (or staff) has a “master” key that opens all rooms/apartments.
  • Business spaces and public facilities: the system can be divided into multiple subgroups so that each cylinder (door) is opened by its key, the master key opens multiple doors, and the grand master key opens all doors. A similar variant exists with a central cylinder (for example, for the entrance door), where all keys of the system additionally unlock the central cylinder (entrance door).Business space system
How to know what kind of system to install?

You can find out by consulting Idea’s experts who have been involved in the planning and sales of locking systems for over 20 years. For a quotation and precise planning, you can send your inquiry to the email address: (please include your phone number so that Idea’s staff can contact you if necessary).

What else do you need to know before making the system?

For creating a plan, the dimensions of all cylinders that are combined in the system are needed. The dimensions of cylinders are determined by the doors into which they are installed, and detailed instructions can be found here:

What if a new component needs to be added to the system or an existing one replaced?

Upgrading or replacing parts does not require the creation of a new system because the existing one can be upgraded. Additional keys can be made afterwards.

For additional system security

The system can be equipped with cylinders with patented keys that provide protection against unauthorized copying. Such keys can only be copied by presenting the owner/master card.

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